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Holding Physicians Accountable For Diagnostic Errors And Delays

Before you can fix a problem, you need to correctly identify what the problem is. Nowhere is this more important than in medicine. Many diseases and ailments share similar symptoms but have very different courses of treatment. Therefore, it is critical to diagnose a patient accurately and in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose are among the most common problems in health care. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that they are also among the most common allegations made in medical malpractice claims filed each year. Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose can lead to serious injuries, exacerbated illnesses and even death.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured (or worse) as the result of this form of medical negligence, please contact the experienced attorneys at BP&M. We have been advocating for medical malpractice victims for 35-plus years, and we are ready to help you seek compensation and justice.

How Were You Impacted By A Delayed Or Incorrect Diagnosis?

Some of the most common diagnostic errors and their causes include:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Delayed diagnosis of cancer
  • Misdiagnosis in the emergency room leading to delayed care
  • Failure to diagnose and respond to a heart attack or stroke
  • Failure to order standard tests
  • Failure to refer the patient to a specialist for follow-up work
  • Failure to take an accurate and thorough medical history

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A bad medical outcome isn’t always the result of medical malpractice, nor is a missed diagnosis. But if you suspect that your doctor was negligent, it is worth further investigation to see if malpractice was a factor in your injuries or a loved one’s death.

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