Damages you can file for in a personal injury lawsuit in Indiana

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Maybe you’ve been in a car accident caused by the recklessness of another driver. Or you’ve been a victim of a slip and fall accident caused by the negligence of a property manage. In either case, and just about any personal injury incident, can lead to serious and painful injuries. You will also face costly medical bills and must take time to rest when you’d normally be working or simply enjoying yourself.

Thankfully, through a personal injury lawsuit, you can recover both economic and non-economic damages. This can include medical expenses, missed pay, property damage and pain and suffering.

Medical bills

The medical costs involved in a personal injury incident begin with the first treatment you receive following the event and all the follow-up appointments down the line. You will likely have to purchase supplies to help you heal, like bandages, ice packs or prescription medications. And you might even have to see specialists, like a physical therapist or psychologist. If you file a lawsuit you may receive reimbursement for these types of injury-related medical costs.

Lost wages

After the incident, you might not be able to return to work for the day or for a long period of time. And if your injuries require surgery or check-up appointments, then you might miss even more days of work. Anytime you can’t report to your job due to injuries caused by the accident, you may also miss out on pay from your employer. However, you could be eligible for wage replacement if you take legal action.

Property loss or repair

In a car accident, a lot of times vehicles face more damage than the victims involved. Although this is a fortunate scenario, you still might wind up with a car that you can’t use until you repair or replace it. Through a personal injury litigation, you might be able to receive money to pay for your damaged belongings. You may also receive compensation for less costly items destroyed in the accident, like money to fix a cracked phone screen or replace your jeans that scraped along with your skin.

Pain and suffering

There’s a category of damages you can file for that don’t match up with a bill or repair estimate. Rather, you can receive money for enduring the physical or mental pain, also known as pain suffering, attached to the injury and accident. For example, having to use crutches after a car accident isn’t exactly an easy adjustment to make. You’ve probably had to endure painful surgery for your broken leg. And even though the pain only comes in waves now, you feel sad that you are missing out on social events that aren’t exactly accessible. Or frustrated that you can’t play with your kids the same way you did before the accident. Pain and suffering damages can help make up for the agony the incident brought into your life.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve to move on from a traumatic event.