What happens if you have a car accident in another state?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you live in Indiana but have a car accident in Ohio, the legal implications of this can become very confusing. In a multi-state personal injury case, you may have to find two attorneys, one local attorney licensed to the state where the accident occurred and the other to the state you reside. In the case of a cross-border accident between Ohio and Indiana, both states are ‘fault’ states, where the injured party has the potential to use the ‘at-fault’ person’s insurance to pay for damages.

Dealing with fault in a multi-state claim

 If you’re an Indiana resident but have an accident in another state, here are some potential outcomes depending on where the accident occurred:

  • Indiana resident has an accident in a ‘fault’ state, like Ohio: Both states are fault states, so the measure of the damages you owe will be determined by the percentage that you are deemed ‘at fault’ in a collision. The damages owed to you would be paid by the insurance company of the driver that is at fault.
  • Indiana resident has an accident in a ‘no-fault’ state, like Kentucky: If you have an accident in a no-fault state, your insurance would likely cover your damages no matter who caused the accident. If you caused the accident, you might pay less than if the accident had been in a ‘fault’ state.

Navigating an out-of-state accident

You don’t get to decide when an accident will happen. In any out-of-state case, it helps to have a personal attorney with in-depth knowledge of the jurisdictions covered in your claim who can work for the compensation you need.